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Pat G

I have been going to Spectacle Gallery since moving to Sarasota well over 8 years ago. Dr. Doyle is outstanding in her professionalism, care and thoroughness. The staff is friendly and knowledgable and the choices in products unique. I have many, many pairs of glasses purchased from the store and every time I wear them receive compliments and ask where I got them. Have recommended many friends and they walk out just as satisfied

Jeanne S

Excellent service. They offer a large selection of frames that you don’t ordinarily see in other places. Everyone is very friendly, patient, and willing to go the extra mile in making sure you’re happy with your glasses.

Cathy P

Love my glasses! Super high quality, great fit and one of a kind. So happy to have found Spectacle Gallery. Dr. Doyle and her staff are so fun and positive I stop in sometimes just to say hi!

Judy B

I received excellent, personalized service and was pleased at the interesting selection of frames.  I  get compliments all the time on my unique, interesting glasses!  I wear progressive lenses and the staff at Spectacle Gallery did a wonderful job fitting them.

Rich P

I have had only outstanding experiences at Spectacle Gallery! Beautiful store with a great selection of frames. But, it’s the care and service from Kristin and her staff that make this place special.


This was the funnest eye doctor appointment I’ve ever had! Both the doctor (Kristen) and assistant (Joel) were extremely helpful and so sweet. They went the extra mile to make us feel comfortable and were very knowledgeable and kind. Thank you for a great experience! A++++

Rita N

Great sales people , knowledgeable  and  helpful in all aspects of serving their clientele.  Very happy with overall services. Love my glasses and get so many compliments.

Julia D

There are 3 reasons why I recommend Spectacle Gallery:
1. Dr. Doyle is the nicest, most thorough, and funniest eye doctor around!
2. The store is so chic and the staff are incredibly helpful (even helping me tame my crazy 1.5 year old while I shopped).
3. Their eyewear options are perfectly curated so that I know NO ONE in Sarasota will be wearing my glasses/sunnies! They have the coolest indie brands and styles for everyone.  So, if you have not been there yet, you should probably start questioning what you’re doing with your life!


excellent place, needed new lenses for my fames done in two days, fantastic service. also meticulous regarding measurements etc!!
All in all a great place to do business with!!!

Eric L

Kristin and Ethan work very hard to make sure you are diagnosed and fitted correctly. They are very focused on doing the right thing for their customers. Highly recommended.

Margaret L

Owner is a highly trained and skilled optometrist, who also happens to be a lovely person. Her staff is also very professional and friendly. Eyewear options are chic, modern and generally fabulous!

James B

Excellent experience. Careful eye exam plus easy purchase.  Made it fun. No pressure.


Far and away the best eye exam I ever had.  Very thorough, and the personal service and attention to detail were as good as it ever gets.

Allison I

I love my frames.  They are unique and beautiful....I receive many compliments.  BUT, the best thing about Spectacle Gallery is the people.  The staff, the Doc...whether answering your call or sticking their fingers in your eyes (yep, I had a 20 minute tutorial on how to "install" my contact lenses) they are patient, polite, courteous, fun and funny!  The experience and the product are better than you'll find anywhere else.

David B

Brilliant service, great folks, stylish selection! Glad to have them taking care of my quirky vision needs.

Bill W

Exceptional staff, trendy choices in frames and outstanding follow up , make this the best experience I've ever had with glasses

Jim F

Dr. Doyle’s team at Spectacle Gallery take great pride in serving their clients with thorough eye examinations and a vast array of eyeglass choices.

Deb B

Simply put, Dr. Doyle is the best... She got my Rx spot on the first time, which has never happened before... I could not have been any happier with the visit.  The office is beautiful and the staff are very helpful, and Dr. Doyle is absolutely wonderful!

Sandy S

Everyone at SG was just awesome.  Friendly and welcoming, and Dr Doyle was hilarious and fun and really took her time with me.  I said I did NOT want to be "over-corrected" with my new glasses and contacts Rx (an issue I've had with other optometrists) and Dr Doyle did not disappoint. My first Rx was even a little too weak in one eye so she bumped that back up a bit and all is right with the world - seeing better than ever.  Will be back when it's time for another checkup.

Chris E

I couldn't be happier with the service and my glasses! Great people, great selection, and they really go the extra mile to help you find what you are looking for.   I found them because they carry one brand I was interested in but I ended up finding something  I liked better.  These folks know their business and I'll definitely be back.

Stephen H

Dr.Doyle and team are the best in the city.
Still think it is the most thorough eye exam by far.
Eye ware selection is impressive and fun to browse sometimes, like walking into a gallery.

Constance W

Great service and a great collection of frames. I can’t tell you how many times I have walked into a frame shop and walked out without making a purchase.  Everything is always outdated. This is NOT what I found at Spectacle Gallery.  They have all the latest styles by great companies.  I found the Moscot frames I was looking for, as well as other frames for my narrow face.  I will be back!

David P

I recently visited Spectacle Gallery while I was in Sarasota for work.  I made the grave mistake of flying to Florida and forgetting my sunglasses at home.  Fortunately, my hotel was just down the street from Spectacle Gallery.  I was greeted by Dr. Doyle who was very friendly and helpful.  She showed me their extensive and diverse selection of top-quality sunglasses.  (You wouldn’t be able to leave there without finding a pair that suited just about any occasion). 

While I had gone in just for sunglasses I found myself equally impressed by their selection of eye glasses.  I decided it was time for new frames as well, and Dr. Doyle was awesome in helping me find the right pair.  She was extremely consultative, and very knowledgeable of every frame type and designer they carried. 

Dr. Doyle fit me in that same day for an eye exam to ensure I had the right lens prescription. She even called a store where I lived to make sure they could take care of ordering the correct lenses, so I could do everything else locally.   I couldn’t have been more impressed by Dr. Doyle, and my experience as a customer at Spectacle Gallery!  

Dr. Doyle, please open a Spectacle Gallery in Denver!


I knew they had high end stuff, but was pleasantly surprised at their huge selection of lower priced frames. AMAZING COLORS!!! Angela was super nice and helped me find what I was looking for!

Florence S

I honestly don't have enough good things to say about this beautiful store. Every time I go in, Dr Doyle and her team are are always so warm and welcoming. They have a huge selection of glasses and sunglasses; from famous brands to high end boutique designers, they have something for everyone. We have always received excellent customer service, her whole team are really helpful and so knowledgeable. I highly recommend!

Casey M

The chain stores are too cheap and impersonal.  And other boutiques downtown are too pricy and snobby. But Spectacle Gallery is approachable and comfortable for me.  They even remember my name every time I walk in the front door!!!!  Great team over there.

Sidney P

Amazing doctor and staff here. Very friendly and competent.  If you want to stand out with your eyeglasses look it’s the place

Joe L

Great Dr. and. a great staff

Stephen F

It's been a long time since I've had an eye exam, but I do remember the last time I had one I felt rushed.  Not so with Dr. Kristin.  She takes as much time as required to make sure that the prescription is right (my exam was almost 2 hours, then she scheduled me for a follow up the following day because my eyes were fatigued)
The customer service was top notch, and the selection of frames were great!

Geraldine F

I had the best experience!
Dr Doyle is doing the exam from start to finish. The exam was very thorough and the best quality I've had. I got help to chose some new frames that fit right, and love my glasses now! The shop is really nice and you just feel good going to your exam and looking for frames and sunglasses over there.
I highly recommend it.

Sarah C

Beautiful store and optometry office! I did not have an appointment, but stopped in to look at sunglasses. Dr. Doyle and her technician, Lisa, took the time between appointments to help me pick out a great pair of Dita sunglasses. They are both very friendly and welcoming! They have a great selection of high-end, handmade frames. Definitely recommend.

Ben K

By FAR the best eye doctor experience I’ve had in my life.
Extremely professional, trendy without being pretentious, helped me find the best style and they are all around great people. I️ called at 4:58 (two minutes before closing!) because my old glasses broke I️ realized I’d run out of contacts. Not only did they answer, they told me to hop in the car and stop in because they would keep the shop open for me to make sure I️ had more contacts for the week until my new ones and new glasses came in!!!!! Literally shocked at how good they are and I️ can’t recommend them highly enough!

Christopher T

I’m an actor who lives out of town, I dropped one of my contact lenses and like a magic trick it disappeared, so I went to Spectacle Gallery the first chance I could and I was greeted by Dr. Kristin. Without question she understood my situation and selflessly solved the problem.

She was incredibly kind and generous not only replacing the one I lost, but also the one I didn’t, just for balance sake. She could have taken advantage of my situation, but she didn’t, putting this optomistrist high above the rest. I recommend Spectacle Gallery to anyone.

Michael S

Dr. Doyle is an outstanding doctor.   She is extremely thorough, very knowledgeable, and very patient.  She has a lovely personality and provides attentive care!  She also has a very stylish and high quality selection of eyeglass frames and sunglasses.

Mark S

I wish every purchase experience was this fun...I’ve never received so many compliments on a pair of glasses thanks to Angela’s & Dr Doyle’s imagination & personal attention! I’ll be back!!

Dennis A

I live in downtown Sarasota and have purchased two pair of glasses and sunglasses since Spectacle Gallery opened. If you like distinctive out of the ordinary frames and great service, this is the place for you.

Kathy M

We found Spectacle Gallery while wandering downtown. Such a unique store with so many great glasses to choose from. The staff were very knowledgeable and helpful. We had our eyes tested and found sunglasses we loved. We'll be back again next year

Kerri D

Spectacle gallery is a beautiful boutique shop with a great selection of glasses. Dr. Doyle is wonderful- a patient and thorough optometrist who takes her time with each client.   Highly recommend!

Heather F

LOVE Spectacle Gallery and Dr. Doyle!! Beautiful store in the heart of downtown with a wonderful selection of eyewear.  Will definitely be back and recommend to anyone looking for personalized service for their eye care needs.

Jules M

Dr. Stoker Doyle Is EYE-mazing! She came in for my emergency on her day off, even followed up for days to check on me!!!! You have a client for life!  Thank you so much!

Sandra L

Best eye experience of my life. I love my glasses.


Great service, store design, and glasses!  Keep up the great work :)

Mike K

Great location and nice selection of frames. Definitely recommended.