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Dr. Kristin Doyle opened Spectacle Gallery in 2015, she envisioned a practice that would reflect her patient focused style. Dr. Doyle believes that a patient focused practice allows for better patient care, patient communication and patient health.

At Spectacle Gallery, patients will have their eye exam performed by a doctor from start to finish. Technicians will not be handling this delicate and sensitive procedure. Patient care and education is at the forefront of Spectacle Gallery, as each patient is their own best advocate to their health and well being. All eye exams are performed in a relaxed, comfortable environment. You will not be shuffled between rooms or have to stay in a crowded waiting room. 

Dr. Doyle dedicates 1 hour to each patient's complete eye exam, respecting your time and answering any health questions and concerns. Stop in anytime to check out our office, and to book your first patient focused eye exam with Dr. Kristin Doyle!

A licensed optician with a vast knowledge of lens design and current fashion trends will fit each pair of our high end, custom eyewear to fit your face frame perfectly. Choose our personal optical concierge option for an even more patient focused appointment. For a fee, a personal licensed optician will come to your home or office to fit or deliver your new ophthalmic or sun spectacles.